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          OUR PRODUCTS

          Computerized HIGH-SPEED Shuttle Quilting Machine
          Computerized Shuttle Quilting Machine
          Mechanical Shuttle Quilting Machine
          Computerized Double-chain-stitch Quilting Machine
          Single Needle Quilting Machine
          Cutting Machine
          Cloth-rolling Machine
          Bobbin Winder
          Bias winder & Cutter


          Fanya company is a big enterprise manufacturing & selling professionally in quilting machines, with a history of more than 20 years. In China many famous enterprises in the line of garment, bedding and mattress are using our computerized & mechanical quilting machines of various types. Furthermore, our products have been sold to Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, etc……

          LATEST NEWS

          Thanks to all the new and old customs who have been trusting and supporting us for so many years, we will march ??2018 YEARS END PROMOTION OF QUILTING MACHINES?? for specified models till Dec 31st 2018.…
          The trend towards PA6 specialties continues…

          More than 1.6 million metric tons of BCF carpet yarn are produced worldwide using Oerlikon Neumag BCF plants. Between March 21 and 23, 2017, the experts of the Neum??nster-based market leader will be e…
          Chinese textile firms continue to invest in Ethiop…

          Few large Chinese companies, including textile and garment manufacturing industries, have decided to invest in Ethiopia in the first half of the current Ethiopian budget year. The investment has come …


          Email:fanya@qdfanya.com Tel: 86-532-83896569 / 86-13905321064 Fax: 86-532-83897939
          Factory Add: Qiao Dong Industrial park, Wang Jia Nu Gu, Chengyang District, Qingdao 266108, China
          Office Add: 34, Yancheng Rd, Shinan District, Qingdao 266071, China.
          Copyright©2017 qdfanya.com All Rights Reserved.

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